Win up to £25,000

First prizeWith six numbers matched
Second prizeWith five numbers matched
Third prizeWith four numbers matched
Fourth prizeWith three numbers matched

How to play

  1. Click 'play now' below to register and play from just £1 per week.
  2. We'll send your unique six-digit lottery number or numbers in the post.
  3. Every Friday, a sequence of numbers is chosen at random. You'll win a prize if your numbers match the winning sequence.

If you're one of our lucky winners, your prize will be sent to you directly - no need to make a claim.

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What happens next?

Once you have registered online we will write to you with a six-digit sequence, which will be entered into the draw every Friday that you are in credit (£1 per line, per week).

Every Friday, six numbers are selected at random, and if you match three or more in the correct sequence you will win one of the cash prizes on offer!

The winning sequence is published here every Friday afternoon, and if you win there is no need to make a claim - your prize is automatically sent to you!

  • A 6-digit match wins £25,000
  • A 5-digit match wins £1,000
  • A 4-digit match wins £25
  • A 3-digit match wins 5 prize entries into the next draw

Did you know? A least 50% from each £1 lottery entry goes to us!

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Wendy's Story

"I called the NRAS Helpline out of desperation, on behalf of my son Henry. My son is 34, with a young family, and is a self-employed roofer and lead-worker."

"The pain in both his feet was so bad he was unable to go to work. In desperation, I turned to the NRAS website and called the Helpline. I was met with warmth, understanding and kindness, and they were able to offer Henry and I the help and advice we needed."


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